First C++ Program

For writing C++ code you need turbo c editor and write code after writing code save the code with .cpp extension, compile the code and finally run the program.



void main()
cout<<"This is my first program";


This is my first program
  • After writing complete code save the program using F2
  • Save your code with .cpp extension for example: hello.cpp
  • After save the code you need to compile your code using alt+f9
  • Finally Run the program using clt+f9

Save C program

Save any C++ program using .cpp Extension with file name. For example your program name is sum, then it save with sum.cpp.



Compile and Run C++ Program

For compile any C++ program you just press alt+f9 , after compilation of your C++ program you press clt+f9 for run your C++ program.


Compile -> alt+f9

Run -> clt+f9