C++ is a computer programming language developed in 1980 by Bjarne Stroustrup at the Bell Telephone Laboratories. C++ is an Object Oriented Programming Language, which follow oops concept like, inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction and polymorphism.

Where we use C++ Language

C Language is mainly used for;
  • Design Operating system
  • Design Language Compiler
  • Design Database
  • Utilities
  • Application Software


C++ is object oriented programming language and it is a very simple and easy language, this language have following features.

  • Simple
  • Portability
  • Powerful
  • Platform dependent
  • Object oriented oriented
  • Case sensitive
  • Compiler based
  • Syntax based language
  • Use of Pointers


Every C++ program can be written in simple English language so that it is very easy to understand and developed by programmer.

Platform dependent

A language is said to be platform dependent whenever the program is execute in the same operating system where that was developed and compiled but not run and execute on other operating system. C++ is platform dependent language.

Note: .obj file of C++ program is platform dependent.


It is the concept of carrying the instruction from one system to another system. In C++ Language .cpp file contain source code, we can edit also this code. .exe file contain application, only we can execute this file. When we write and compile any C++ program on window operating system that program easily run on other window based system.

When we can copy .exe file to any other computer which contain window operating system then it works properly, because the native code of application an operating system is same.


C++ is a very powerful programming language, it have a wide verity of data types, functions, control statements, decision making statements, etc.

Object oriented Programming language

This main advantage of C++ is, it is object oriented programming language. It follow concept of oops like polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction.

Case sensitive

C++ is a case sensitive programming language. In C++ programming 'break and BREAK' both are different.
If any language treats lower case latter separately and upper case latter separately than they can be called as case sensitive programming language [Example c, c++, java, .net are sensitive programming languages.] other wise it is called as case insensitive programming language [Example HTML, SQL is case insensitive programming languages].

Compiler based

C++ is a compiler based programming language that means without compilation no C++ program can be executed. First we need compiler to compile our program and then execute.

Syntax based language

C++ is a strongly tight syntax based programming language. If any language follow rules and regulation very strictly known as strongly tight syntax based language. Example C, C++, Java, .net etc. If any language not follow rules and regulation very strictly known as loosely tight syntax based language.
Example HTML.

Efficient use of pointers

Pointers is a variable which hold the address of another variable, pointer directly direct access to memory address of any variable due to this performance of application is improve. In C++ language also concept of pointer are available.


Mainly C++ Language is used for Develop Desktop application and system software. Some application of C++ language are given below.
  • For Develop Graphical related application like computer and mobile games.
  • To evaluate any kind of mathematical equation use C++ language.
  • C++ Language are also used for design OS. Like window xp.
  • Google also use C++ for Indexing
  • Few parts of apple OS X are written in C++ programming language.
  • Internet browser Firefox are written in C++ programming language
  • All major applications of adobe systems are developed in C++ programming language. Like Photoshop, ImageReady, Illustrator and Adobe Premier.
  • Some of the Google applications are also written in C++, including Google file system and Google Chromium.
  • C++ are used for design database like MySQL.

Difference Between C and C++

C++ is the extension of C language, in C++ you not only use new feature but also use C features. The main difference between C and C++ is,C is the function or procedure oriented programming language and C++ is the object oriented programming language.
C is the function or procedure programming language.C++ is the object oriented programming language.
Top down approach is used in C.Bottom up approach is used in C++.
C is less secure than C++C++ is secure, because oop's concept is available. Here Data is hidden and can't be accessed by external functions.
In C programming variable declaration is possible only top of program.In C++ you can any where declare variable.
In C, namespace feature is not available.In C++, namespace feature is present.
C is a middle level language.C++ is a high level language.
In this programming, programs are divided into modules and functions.In this programming, programs are divided into classes and functions.
Here no exception handling concept is availableIt support exception handling concept.
C uses scanf() and printf() function for standard input and output.C++ uses cin>> and cout<< for standard input and output.
Features like function overloading and operator overloading is not present.C++ supports function overloading and operator overloading.
C program file is saved with .C extension.C++ program file is saved with .CPP extension.

Variable declaration in C and C++.

In C programming variable declaration is possible only top of the program but in case of C++ you can declare variable any where in the program.

Example Variable Declaration in C++

int i;
for(i=10; i<10; i++)


for(int i=10; i<10; i++)


Installation of TC is very simple just download turbo C or C++ and run .exe files
When you install the Turbo C or C++ compiler on your system, then TC directory is created on the hard disk and various sub directories such as INCLUDE, and LIB etc. are created under TC.

  • INCLUDE :Contain the header files of C and C++.
  • LIB: Contain the library files of C and C++.
  • BGI: Contain Graphics related files.
  • BIN: Contain .exe, .obj etc files.